Guided Meditations & coaching for women

If you've fallen into negative patterns and you are ready to fall back in love with your own're in the right place!

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hi, I'm nikki

A spiritual writer and creator offering guided meditations, hypnotherapy sessions, and private coaching. Every meditation is designed to touch your heart and soothe your soul while leaving you with a new perspective on a specific topic. My inspiring messages help you see some of life’s greatest challenges in a new light as I lead you through the process of learning to change what you don’t love and accepting how to love what you can’t change.

Observing your thoughts and emotions rather than trying to make them go away gives you a better headspace for loving yourself and your life - maybe for the first time ever. It’s a practice worth exploring for the modern-day, busy woman searching for a better way to deal with everyday problems.

Are we a good match?

Lets find out!


Relationships are mirrors into our inner world and how we see ourselves”


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Group meditation experiences

Every guided meditation is designed to touch your heart and soothe your soul while leaving you with a new perspective on a specific topic

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Transforming fears

Body scan relaxation

past & future self

Releasing anxiety & stress

Chakras & spirituality

Grief & forgiveness

customized topics & themes

full moon energy cleanse

new moon intentions

deep healing hypnosis

womens empowerment

love & abundance

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gratitude & abundance


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Fun Facts

  • Certified Life Coach & hypnotherapy informed

  • I fell in love with coaching after it saved my own marriage and relationships.

  • Mother of two little women

  • I don't always love being a mom! I think it's incredibly important for women to know

this is OKAY!

  • Group Meditation Experiences

  • Believes in investing in yourself!


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"she gave me the tools to find

my true ambitions"

When I signed on for coaching with Nikki I was in a transitional period in my life. I had been feeling overwhelmed and lost in all the stresses from work and managing a family, relationships, and kids. I felt like I was just floating around with no direction. While working with Nikki, I felt safe with her and she gave me the tools to find my true ambitions. She gave me the confidence to achieve real security in my life. I now feel like I have more control and she has helped me in every aspect of my life. My business and personal life are both thriving in ways I didn't even know were possible!

Teresa W.

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"we are the happiest

we've ever been"

When I started working with Nikki I was at a breaking point in my marriage. I honestly thought I was about to be getting divorced. After six months of working together, the word divorce wasn't even in my vocabulary anymore. Nikki helped me to see how my partner and I were triggering each other and when I started cleaning up my side of things, the craziest thing happened. He started to change too! I feel like I did when we first met for the first time in over 10 years. If you're experiencing any relationship issues and you need help working through it, I can't recommend working with Nikki enough!

Megan B.

"She helped me see things from a different perspective"

Nikki is a natural at seeing patterns and asking you questions that open you up to the real blocks you've made in your life. She helped me see things from a different perspective which ultimately lead to releasing a lot of shame and guilt and opened me up to more self-acceptance and gratitude.

Shelly B.

"She's magic!"

Working with Nikki has felt like some of the most nurturing work I've ever done. Her mama energy holds you so tightly and gently while you explore your own depths. Nikki's gentle, calming nature allows you to not rush but instead take your own time, the time you need, to heal. Personally, Nikki has really helped me with self-worth issues and connecting back to the origin in order to move forward in the here and now. And I've seen so much growth in my relationships and how I show up because of it. She's magic!

Caitlin D.

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"my entire life has changed"

Alison A.

I came to Nikki because I was having a lot of issues with my family and it was affecting my marriage. Nikki helped me to see that my good girl habits were controlling my decision making and at one point, I stopped all contact with my dad which I never would have been able to do without our coaching. She encouraged me to let my little girl feel safe by taking my power back and giving me time to process and heal what felt like all of my childhood. She also helped me put the pieces back together and reestablish a new type of relationship with my parents with proper boundaries when I was ready. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this to think of where I was and where I am now. My entire life has changed!

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"I was changing so much that

people were noticing"

When I started coaching, I knew I needed help. I wasn’t happy in my life and everyone around me was suffering. Working with Nikki was like a domino effect. Once we toppled over that first domino things kept falling all around me in the best way. It no longer felt like I wasn’t in control of my life. After three months, not only could I see and feel a difference in myself, but family members and my friends started commenting on it too which I will say felt so good. I was changing so much that people were noticing. I now have a totally different perspective on life because of her!

Amanda W.

"When you feel like something has to change, that change always has to start with you!"


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